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We are located in Port Angeles, Washington

Any one of the chinchillas listed below would make a wonderful pet.  All of our chinchillas are socialized and have been handled regularly since birth.  In addition, most of the chinchillas listed would make excellent herd improvement animals for owners looking to expand the quality of their breeding lines.  The genetics, quality and temperament of these chins are excellent and would make them an asset to any breeding program.
 For additional information, contact Meadowbrook Chinchillas at Happychins 

Please contact up by email for availablility

.Prices for our chinchillas begin at $95 for a "pet quality" standard grey male and go up from there depending upon color mutation and quality of the chinchilla. 






We have an assortment of pairs and maternity cages, travel cages and a few condo (multi story) cages. Feel free to e-mail us for more information on the variety of sizes.


multi-level cages, some 36" high and taller with either slide out or set in trays,with or without flying saucer wheel $125 to $225 each.

24" x 24" x 19" and the wire is ALL 1/2" x 1/2."  These cages were specially made for us by Quality Cage and are in excellent condition.   Cages come with a flying saucer wheel $125.00 each plus shipping.
24" x 18" x 13-3/4" with 1/2" x1/2" wire on floor and 1" x 2" wire on sides and top.  These make excellent travel cages. $30 each plus shipping

WATER BOTTLES:  Glass bottles with stopper and metal wire holder.  Diswasher safe.  Also, Nivek top-fill water bottles.

DUST BATH HOUSES (variety of colors, some new and some gently used)  $6.00 each plus shipping.  Discount on purchase of 6+.