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About Us

Frosty (White Mosaic Ebony)

Meadowbrook Chinchillas

We specialize in breeding and raising high quality color mutation chinchillas with gentle temperaments. Superior coat quality, unusual colors, large size and good heads are all attributes you will find in our chinchillas. Our breeder chinchillas are from champion chinchilla lines. We have purchased our breeders from the top show-winning ranches throughout the United States. Our breeders consist of Grand Champions, Color Champions, Reserve Grand Champions, etc.- all with exceptionally sweet  temperaments. We believe in breeding only the highest quality chinchillas so as to generate the best possible offspring.  We are proud to offer a varied genetic pool that benefits our customers and their breeding efforts.

Joshua (Medium Tan)

Each one of our chinchillas is special to us and is treated like a family member. We strive to keep our animals in top health and are constantly doing medical research with vitamins and supplements to move forward in this regard. We exercise our chinchillas and interact with them during the day so they are well socialized and trusting of us. Our chinchillas are bred and raised on the premises. We have been present for 95+% of the births, have assisted in deliveries when necessary and have had many kits even born in our laps. We handle our kits daily from birth forward so they are "people friendly" and enjoy their human interaction.

Snowy (White Mosaic Ebony)